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Web Development Resources

Web Design Tools, Guides & Tutorials

Last Updated: March 29, 2014

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Web development is one of the most exciting and creative things to come out of the computer industry, the fact that just about anyone can learn how to develop sites has given the web its worldwide appeal. Small and large businesses can compete on an even playing field.

People can voice opinions freely, regardless of where they are on the planet and most importantly, knowledge can be shared! Here are some web development sites I have found extremely useful.

1. Web Development Tutorials 2. Web Development Tools 3. Web Development News

Web Development Tutorials

After Hours Programming - Learn to Design and Develop Websites.
HTML Goodies - This tutorial site offers everything on HTML.
Davesite.com - An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners.
HTML - Learn HTML tags, forms, frames, and tables.
EchoEcho.Com - WebMaster Resources & Tutorials.
ASP Info - Offering many detailed tutorials on ASP.
Geek Girls - Easy to understand database tutorials.
SlackerHTML - Web Development Tutorials for Normal People.
The Tutorial - Tutorials on everything web related.

Web Development Tools

Visual Studio - Powerful web development tools and services.
XML Playground - Test XML Code and learn.
Form Validator - A PHP script for form validation.
CSS Validator - Does what it says on the tin.
HTML Validator - Markup Validation Service.
W3C Link Checker - Always need to monitor your links.
Firebug - Inspect HTML and modify style and layout.

Web Development News

Mozilla Developer Network - Shared knowledge for the Open Web
CMS Wire - Web development news and articles.
Davesite.com - An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners.
Silicon Republic - Software & Web Development News
Smart Web - Web Designers Ireland News.
Life Hacker - Web development news blog.

Additional Sites of Interest

Here are some additional resources for web developers. We hope you find them useful, if you know of some sites you would like listed here, please contact us.

Web Developer - Covers everything regarding internet development, huge resource.
Dev Shed - Open Source web development tutorials.
W3Schools - Online web tutorials covering every aspect of design and development.

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