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Home  OEM Preinstallation

Microsoft OEM Preinstallation

Becoming a Microsoft Certified System Builder

Having recently completed four Preinstallation exams which are available to take on the Microsoft OEM website. These exams include: MS Office 2003 Preinstallation, Windows Small Business Server 2003 Preinstallation, Windows XP Preinstallation & Windows Server 2003 Preinstallation.

The Microsoft Preinstallation Specialist Program is a tool Microsoft offers System Builders to increase success in selling business technology solutions based on the Windows operating system. The program includes reference materials for training, online preinstallation training seminars, online skills assessment exams to measure knowledge, and the System Builder Web Site resource of technical tips and product updates.

Becoming a System Builder.

Are you a System Builder? You are if you build and sell new PCs or servers. Microsoft offers operating systems software and application software specifically for you to preinstall on the systems you build.

Once you register on the Microsoft OEM site, using your MSN passport, you will then be able to access the 'Readiness' center which provides you with all the relevant information and training you will need to become a System Builder with the various Microsoft software. The site gives you access to every whitepaper, tutorial and live training you could imagine. It really is a fantastic resource.

Once you have a passport account you can log in through the links below which provide valuable information on preparing for the Preinstallation Exam.

Step-by-Step Guide to OPK - OEM Preinstallation Kit

Once you have prepared yourself by reading through all the materials tested yourself, you can then move on and complete the examinations online. The exams themselves are done in multiple choice format. There are four exams in all.

Microsoft Office 2003 Preinstallation Exam
Windows Small Business Server 2003 Preinstallation Exam
Windows XP Preinstallation Exam Windows Server 2003 Preinstallation Exam

Each exam consists of between 12 and 25 questions. If there are 12 questions you will need to answer 10 correctly to earn a pass, if there are 25 then you will need 21 for a pass. It records and saves your progress so you can do it in your own time. It also allows you to do the exam as many times as you like! Which is really nice. So start today and become a Microsoft Certified System Builder.

List your company

If you or your company have recently become certified system builders and would like to see your website listed here, please forward on your details for review.

Rogers Online - Roger's Online provides computer services to the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota.
Tek Systems - Offers training courses on System Building.

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