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Graphic Design Resources

Collection of Graphic Design Tutorial Sites

Last Updated: March 29, 2014

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Learning to use the powerful Adobe Photoshop can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a web developer. It is a very powerful tool and we recommend any budding graphic designers learn this extraordinary application.

So you have your content for your site and you have the layout pretty much sorted. Now all you need are some nice graphics to liven it all up. Below are some of the best tutorial sites we have come across on how to design nice graphics using Adobe Photoshop.

PhotoShop Tutorial Resources

AbsoluteCross.com - Excellent tutorials, beginner to advanced.
Planet PhotoShop - Tutorials, Resources and Forums.
Phong.com - Tutorials on creating cutting-edge graphics.
Hands-On - Guide suing the hands-on approach.
PhotoShop Tutorials - PhotoShop tutorials by Pegaweb.
PhotoShop Top Secret - The ultimate PhotoShop secrets.
Mike's Sketchpad - Very detailed PhotoShop tutorials.
Graphics Unleashed - Covering different graphics applications.
PhotoShop Roadmap - A large categorized library of tutorials.
PhotoShop Cafe - Very professionally done tutorials.
Adobe.com - PhotoShops offical tutorial site.

UX Design Templates

Themezilla - Premium WordPress themes & plugins
Elegant Themes - Beautiful premium WordPress themes.

Additional Sites of Interest

Here are some additional resources for graphic designers. These sites are more generic and concentrate on the design elements more so than the applications used.

How Design - HOW Magazine provides graphic-design professionals with essential business information and provides creative inspiration.
PRINT Mag - America's leading graphic designers magazine.
Designer Today - Huge resources on all things related to design.
Freelance Graphic Designer JINJO - An exceptional artist that works out of Dublin.

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