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What are Search Engines?

Search engines are automated computers owned by companies such as Google, that constantly surf the internet 24 hours a day. These computers run programs called "robots" or "spiders". They archive, analyze and catalogue all of the pages they encounter. Then they add these pages to it's database or "INDEX".

What are Search Directories?

Search Directories perform the same function as search engines but they do not use computers to rank pages, they use people. People visit the submitted site and approve the site to a relevant directory. Yahoo is the best known search directory, although alot of people confuse it with a search engine.

Most popular Search Engines & Directories

Here is a list of the more popular search engines:

Google - Leading Search Engine
Lycos - Popular Search Engine
Excite - Uses GoTo.com
HotBot - Popular Search Engine
FastSearch - Really fast results
MSNSearch - Microsoft Search Engine

And here are some popular Search Directories:

Yahoo - Most popular Directory
DMOZ - Popular, public edited Directory
1st SPOT - General Directory
The Net One - General Directory
Ask Jeeves - Question related directory

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