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 How often should I resubmit to Google?
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How to best submit your pages to Google.

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Please note: Follow this link if you are looking for information on submitting a reconsideration request for Google.

Google updates its relevance algorithm from time to time to ensure that it finds the most relevant searches for your keywords. Once this update is done it is always a good idea to resubmit your site, however, Google do not make it common knowledge when such an update is made. So I would recommend resubmitting to Google whenever you change any of the main content of your page.

Now I know you may have visited other SEO websites, the majority of which will say that there is no need to submit your site to Google at all, as Google sends its own spiders/robots out and will find your site regardless.

This is true, however, Google do provide a Google Submit page so I don't see the harm in using it when I create a new page or section. You will need to log into Google Webmaster Tools to be able to do this, while I was logged in I would also do a Fetch on the specified urls. If I'm creating new files then I always update the sitemap.xml and resubmit it from here also.

Although I do agree with other SEO sites in the fact that Google will spider your site eventually, there is no harm in ensuring that your website is listed for the next update.

Sometimes you will notice that your site may no longer be listed within the index, this is usually because the algorithm has changed and your site no longer meets the correct requirements, so now you will have to update the content and resubmit your site. Constantly keep an eye on your site listing within Google, it is always a very good habit to get into.

Also ensure that you are listed within the relevant directories on Google. Once your site has been accepted into a Google directory (which is associated 'in a way' by dmoz.org, contrary to current belief.) you can then submit relevant pages within your website to other directory categories. Now that your site has been added to a specific directory, you will not have to resubmit it again.

Good Tip

If you want to get a page indexed quickly, log into your Google Plus account and share the page there. If you have friends with Google accounts, get them to plus one your post. That's it, Google will now index your page within a day or so.

Other directories worth considering.

Although Google, and to a lesser extent, Dmoz; are the areas you want to submit to, the internet offers a lot of competition and it is worth your time and effort to exploit all of these avenues. Here is a list of Directories I recommend you submit to. Please note that some of these directories will incurr a fee for inclusion:

Yahoo Directory - Paid inclusion, but very important for good rankings within Yahoo.com.
iMegaMall - Very well categorized site who waste no time in adding your link.
Wow Directory - Paid inclusion, small amount to pay but selective about inclusion.
World Site Index - providing quality free listings with the option of recipricol linking.
Search Site - Thumbnail preview option on this search directory, one of my personal favourites.
Jayde.com - Semi-decent engine, was better before being commercialized!

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