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SEO Resources

Essential SEO Tools & Resources

Last Updated: April 01, 2014

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    Copyscape - Guard against both plagerism and duplicate content issues.
    BuzzStream - The best link management software on the market.
    UltraEdit - Simply the best text editor out there, essential tool.
    Bruce Clay Blog - One of the world's leading SEO agencies high quality blog.
    Search Engine Land - Danny Sullivan's SEO and marketing news site, covers most conferences.
    Inside Search - The official Google Search blog, useful but not updated as often as it should be.
    Web Page Test - A really useful tool for testing a website's performance.
    Web Performance - Google's best practice guide for optimal web page performance and speed.
    SEO by the Sea - Great indepth blog from one of my favourite SEO's, Bill Slawski.
    Matt Cutts Blog - Destinguished engineer who is currently the head of Google’s Webspam team.
    Übersuggest - Get keyword ideas with Übersuggest, a free keyword suggestion tool.
    Search Metrics - Enterprise SEO Product Suite, ideal if you are working in corporate.
    Moz's Guide to SEO - A thorough beginners guide to SEO from the well respected folks at Moz.com.
    WordTracker - WordTracker allows you to find every keyword combination imaginable that relates to your business. Essential resource.
    GoogleAlert - A free service that searches Google daily and updates you when new results appear! A great resource!
    Keyword Density - A great tool for measuring the density or frequency of keywords in the body of your web pages.

Additional Sites of Interest

If you know of a good resource page let me know by contacting me at sforsyth@tinet.ie, after review of the site I may list it here.

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