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 What NOT to do when submitting to Google.
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Google Don'ts

Some things to avoid when optimizing for Google


Although Macromedia are working hard on finding ways to make Flash more accommodating to Google, at the moment I would recommend not using it.


Again, there are work-rounds but I still feel straight forward html pages with genuine content will work better. One such workaround is to use the <NOFRAMES> tag and insert rich content within it. Again, don't get me wrong, I have come across number 1 ranked sites which do use frames, but I recommend not doing it simply because it is a lot easier to get listed without them unless you know what you are doing at an expert level.

JavaScript Links

Although many sites use Javascript links without much trouble, I still recommend avoiding it. As you will notice through most of this site, I don't much care for risk taking when it comes to optimizing a site for business. Simple and effective are the words for the day. Google may have difficulty in recognizing a link properly when it is surrounded by complicated code, if at all possible use simple HTML context to avoid this scenario.

Submission Software

Do not use submission software, I know it seems tempting when they promise to register you quickly into over 500 search engines, but believe me, there is only one you want to be in and you need to do it manually to have any real affect! Do NOT be fooled by this advertising, 500 search engines where? A lot of these engines are located in obscure areas of the world which may not have a market for your product. Eskimos, for example, may not have a big need for a pair of blue summer shorts!

Repeated keywords

Regardless of where you put repeated keywords within your page, there is a very good chance Google will spot them and ban your site. This is the worst thing that could happen and will cost you dearly. So please, please, refrain from repeated words. (Oops, I mean please just the once)

Don't get penalized!

If you have been so unfortunate to be penalized by Google, don't despair. You can still get your site re-instated as long as you follow the guidelines set out by Matt Cutts of Google.com. Follow his guidlines to the letter and you should be able to get your site back in Google. I've also written an article on how to file a reconsideration request. Please refrain from cheap SEO tricks or your site will definitly be penalized, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but...

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